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An approach to life – Your questions answered:

We believe that it would be helpful for you to first understand ‘Our Principles and Aims as Freemasons’, as you will no doubt have many questions that you would like answering. To the best of our ability we will answer your questions, but first:

‘Our Principles and Aims as Freemasons’

To promote peace and good order in society in general, Masonic Organisations and in particular, Minster Lodge and all its members and their families.

To be most benevolent in our charitable aims and aspirations, both within Masonry and society in general.

To give comfort and support to those members of our society that may be suffering through adverse circumstances whatever they may be.

To promote a sense of well-being and happiness throughout the Lodge by having good social interaction. Never to be remiss in the allegiance due to the Sovereign of our country and to pay due obedience to the Laws of our State.

To promote good citizenship and tolerance between people. We are encouraged to do our duty first to God (by whatever name he is known), through our faith and religious practice; and then, without detriment to our families and those dependent on us, to our neighbours through charity and service.

Frequently Asked Questions – We have received many questions from people in our communities and to answer these, our Provincial Grand Lodge has compiled a list of FAQs which may be of interest to you, so please visit their Website: http://www.pgl-york.org.uk/aboutus/faqs

In the event that you cannot find the answers to your specific questions please don’t hesitate to contact us we will do our very best to answer them.

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