Social Events 2015

Minster Lodge No 4663 Annual Carol Service and Dinner
Wednesday 16th December 2015

Fifty eight guests which included family and friends joined The Worshipful Master Tony Clements and his wife Pat at St Saviourgate to celebrate the annual Minster Lodge Carol Service. The dining room looked very inviting. It had been decorated with festive decorations including christmas posies and crackers on the tables.

At 7.30pm everyone went up to the Lodge room where The Worshipful Master greeted them, and then the Carol Service began. The organ was played by The Lodge Organist Bro Howard Christmas, and very popular carols were then sung and enjoyed.

The Worshipful Master Tony Clements and his wife Pat

In-between the singing, entertaining readings were read by Ladies of The Lodge, Anne Podmore, Greta Hook, Joan Fogg and Pat Clements. John Hoynes completed the service with two delightful renditions of Oh Holy Night, and Silent Night.

Everyone then moved downstairs to the Dining Room and enjoyed a three course meal followed by traditional mince pies.

The Worshipful Master then thanked everyone for making the evening a success and a special mention was given to Anne Podmore for all her hard work contributed to the Lodge over many years.

A raffle concluded the evening with many prizes being distributed among the guests.
The evening ended with fond farewells and everyone looking forward to Christmas.

Minster and Eboracum Lodge
Children’s Christmas Party
19th December 2015

Minster Lodge along with members of Eboracum Lodge brought along their young guests to enjoy a Christmas party which had been organised by Minster Lodge.

Father Christmas together with his Elf Sarah

The dining room was brightly decorated and a warm welcome was given to the young guests.
They were then invited upstairs to The Lodge room where Amy Wilson had prepared games to entertain the children, who ranged from 9 months to 9 years. The children were full of excitement as they enjoyed pass the parcel, place the nose on the snowman and lots of other happy games. They especially enjoyed the game of making a snowman which involved four willing ladies being transformed into Snow Ladies.

Later everyone moved down to the Dining Room to enjoy a very well prepared children’s feast. There was also festive food for all the adults to enjoy.

When the party tea was finished Amy invited the children to sit down on the carpet and shout for Father Christmas. After three calls each one being louder than the other, bells were heard and Father Christmas together with his Elf Sarah arrived, and proceeded to hand out presents to the happy children.

We would like to extend our special thanks to Amy Wilson for organising the children’s games and to Howard Christmas for his very special role.

Minster Lodge No 4663 Ladies Evening, York Marriott Hotel

The Worshipful Master, Tony Clements and his Lady Pat were delighted to join 70 Guests attending their Ladies Evening at the Marriot Hotel, York on Friday 20th November 2015

Everyone took their places at the tables each Lady finding a gift awaiting them.

The Marriott Hotel staff worked hard in presenting an excellent three course meal including tea and coffee.

Worshipful Master, Tony Clements and his Lady Pat

After the meal The Worshipful Master gave the Loyal Toast.

It was then followed by a sparkling ‘Ladies Toast’ delivered by The Senior Warden Bro Chris Hart which the ladies thoroughly enjoyed.

W Bro John Hoynes, in his usual sincere manner gave a moving rendition of the ‘Ladies Song’.

The Worshipful Masters Lady in her response thanked John for his wonderful ‘Ladies Song’ which had been much appreciated by all the ladies, she then expressed her thoughts and memories of what Masonry and Minster Lodge had meant to her and Tony over the years, this also being their second term as Master and Lady and golden wedding anniversary year.

Pat thanked everyone who had helped to make this a very special year for them, in particular Ron and Heather Flatt, their social secretaries for the work they had put into organising this evening and other social events during the year. She closed by expressing thanks to Bro Chris Hart for proposing the ‘Toast to the Ladies’.

Her speech was then followed by Brothers Robbie Burnett and Willie Gray presenting beautiful baskets of flowers to Pat and Heather in true military style.

The DC W Bro Bob Burrows in his usual style along with his team drew and distributed the many raffle prizes in an efficient manner.

After the raffle people then took to the dance floor and enjoyed dancing until the evening ended with ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

Minster Lodge Autumn Supper

On Saturday the 12th September 2015 a total of 40 guests joined The Worshipful Master and his Wife Pat for The Minster Lodge Autumn Supper. The evening began in the Lodge room with a re- enactment of the life and times of Mr George Hudson ( The Railway King ) acted out by Chris Cade. His performance was excellent, everyone thoroughly enjoyed joining in and buying shares from the The Railway King. The evening continued with a tasty three course meal in the dining room.

Worshipful Master dressed as the Station Master

The Worshipful Master in the spirit of the evening was dressed as the Station Master with a railway cap and brought everyone to attention with a shrill blast of his whistle.

After the meal was finished Chris and Ann Hart handed out a quiz which tested the general knowledge of all who took part, a lot of laughter ensued before the quiz came to an end.
Ann presented the winners with chocolates. The evening ended with a raffle.

The Worshipful Master and Pat would like to thank all who donated raffle prizes and also thanks to everyone for their continued support. The evening ended at 10.30pm with all the guests heading for home, after enjoying a very entertaining evening.

We look forward to seeing you all again at our next event which is Ladies Evening to be held at the Marriott Hotel on Friday the 20th November 2015.

Minster Lodge Treasure Hunt and Late Lunch

The third event of the eight listed for the Minster Lodge Social Calendar, a Treasure Hunt and Late Lunch was held on Sunday 12th July 2015.

Those taking part were greeted at the Masonic Hall St Saviourgate by the Worshipful Master Tony Clements and his wife Pat along with their Social Secretaries, Ron and Heather Flatt, who between them had set the clues over the 23 mile course.

Treasure Hunt Start

The Treasure Hunt concluded at the Windmill Inn, Dunnington. The 32 taking part were able to sit out in the gardens enjoying the sunny afternoon until the meal was served.

The Worshipful Master thanked all those who took part and who had provided prizes for the raffle which raised £85.00 in aid of the social fund.

Announcing the result he was delighted to present the 1st prize of a ‘hamper of goodies’ to the Wilson team.

After an exciting afternoon the sun was still shining as everyone said their goodbyes and headed home.

The next event on the social calendar is the Autumn Supper with a speaker at St Saviourgate on Saturday 12th September 2015.

31ST MAY 2015

We were very pleased when 37 people joined The Worshipful Master and his Wife for late Sunday lunch, at The Bluebell Inn Alne.

Everyone came ready to spend an afternoon of good company and fine dining. The food was delicious, it was served on hot plates, everyone tucked in and no one was disappointed.

The Bluebell Inn kindly donated two splendid meal vouchers which, added to the raffle prizes already donated by the Brethren, gave us an excellent raffle. We would like to thank everyone for their generosity.

Rita and Cheryl used their usual charm while selling raffle tickets and made a grand total of £100.

Bob once again shouted out the winning numbers and Chas delivered the prizes to the happy winners.

After much happy chatter, the afternoon ended, and everyone said their fond goodbyes.

The Worshipful Master Tony Clements and his wife Pat would like to thank everyone for their magnificent support and hope you will be able to join them at their next social event.

Minster Lodge Late Sunday Lunch
The Gold Cup Low Catton
19th April 2015

We were very pleased when 47 people joined The Worshipful Master Tony Clements and his wife Pat on their first social event of this his second term in the Chair of Minster Lodge.

Worshipful Master Tony Clements and his wife Pat

The weather was sunny and warm, and everyone arrived on time looking forward to an afternoon of good company and good food.

The food as always was delicious, served on hot plates efficiently by the very cheerful and friendly staff.

Once the meal was over Rita and Cheryl used their usual charms and collected the spectacular amount of £135.00 for the raffle.

We then called on Bob and Willie to draw the raffle and give out the amazing amount of 23 prizes, which was carried out in their customary skillful manner.

We would like to thank all the Brethren who donated the prizes, which were very much appreciated.

Everyone remained chatting and relaxed until the afternoon ended and we all said our fond farewells.


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